Cooking & Holistic
Nutrition Workshops
Cooking + Holistic Workshops
For 1-1000 guests, you build the group and Jamie will come.
All workshops are 1 hour in length + a 30 minute question and answer period.
Cost - $525

Feeding Baby Healthy

- This topic is near and dear to Jamie’s heart. As a mama herself, she is bursting at the seams with passion about infant nutrition. Babies grow so rapidly in the first few years, making optimal nutrition an absolute essential! Jamie teaches what foods are great for babies and why, how to introduce foods, how to look for and understand food allergies, and how to prepare your own easy homemade amazingly delicious baby food! This is a great program for pregnant ladies or new mamas.

Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight

- Understanding how the body gains and loses weight is a critical component to stopping the yo-yo dieting cycle! Jamie guides people through a deeper understanding of the hormones involved in weight gain and loss. When you understand this, you can take the power back and use delicious foods to lose weight the right way! What would life be like without chocolate anyways? Jamie will show you how to lose weight while enjoying the foods you love. Jamie was a past yo-yo dieter, and as a mother of a daughter she wants to end this pattern for as many people as possible, so she started with herself and now wants to help all of you.

The Stress Connection - Understanding the effects of stress and what to do to start healing -

Did you know that 75%- 90% of all medical visits are in some way related to stress? Most people are affected by stress in a negative way, be it weight gain, diabetes, gas/bloating, digestive issues, anxiety, decreased immune function- these are just some of the ways stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. The good news is that you don't have to go live in an ashram or on a dessert island to get away from stress. In this seminar, Jamie teaches simple techniques that you can use to decrease the impact of stress and help you manage it better. Really, who doesn’t need this seminar? It could change your life.