Get to Know
Get to Know Jamie

Who am I?

First and foremost, I am a foodie. I was brought up around good food. My grandfather (who lived with us) and mother, were two of the most important, most impactful people in my life growing up, and always cooked homemade meals. My mother has always taught me the importance of using the best quality ingredients when preparing food to produce the best results. We always had dinner together around the table and it always tasted great and was visually appealing. In my home now, that continues to be of great importance to me. I think it is critical for families to gather around the table with good wholesome food and connect with one another at the end of the day. I also am passionate about making the healthiest food using the finest ingredients possible. I love learning and understanding why different foods are healthy and then making them into the most delicious meals.

I am also a passionate yogi! Yoga has helped me in so many ways. I am a certified yoga instructor, who currently doesn't teach but am bursting with passion about yoga. Yoga has not only made me strong, it has also given me a healthy outlet for stress and has helped me connect with my body! Yoga makes me a better person and most importantly a more patient and present mother!

I love to read! My favorite type of book to read (next to nutrition books of course) is books about spirituality and self-help. I believe we are all here to learn more about ourselves and build a deeper connection with our universe/creator. I am all ears to anyone who is talking about this topic. Wayne Dyer, Eckharte Tolle, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Jon Kabit-Zinn, to name a few. I love them all. Anything that inspires me to be a better version of myself!

Lastly and most importantly, I am a super passionate mama! As I am writing this I have a one year old, and life is super busy. My little lady Sophia is into everything and anything and keeping me on my toes! I believe being a mama is the most important job I will ever do. I am raising my daughter as holistically as possible. She eats clean food, we use natural cleaners, we play in nature, I use natural medicine whenever possible and most importantly I encourage her to be her own unique and wonderful self!! I love, and am grateful for, every moment (even the stressful ones) with my little angel!

My Journey to Nutrition and Wellness

It all started when I was in my early 20’s. Before that I was able to eat all of the junk food I wanted and my health didn’t seem to be affected (or at least that was what I thought). My health started to fall apart around the age of 22. I was chronically constipated and no amount of fiber would help (it actually made it so much worse). I broke out in rashes all over my body, I felt a complete lack of energy, my hair was falling out in clumps, my skin and hair were dry- it wasn't good! I decided with all of that I should make an appointment with my family physician. After explaining all of these symptoms to my MD, she told me there was nothing wrong with me, and that I needed to eat more fiber. I then began to cry. I had read that all of these symptoms could be related to my thyroid and I was hoping that I could have an answer like that so I could get working on fixing it! I know one thing for sure - I COULD NOT LIVE LIKE THIS!

Upon my tears, my MD offered my some anti-depressants to take the edge off!  Now at the time I had no interest in natural health. I knew nothing about it! However, my grandmother had been on mood stabilizing med’s for as long as I had been alive at the time. It started with one, then another, then another, until at that time she was taking more than 20 pills a day. Now I am all for taking medication when it is needed, but I also strongly believe that we should not overmedicate when it is not necessary.

So needless to say, I said thank you, but no thank you, and found a new MD. I also started to do some more research and found a naturopath in my area. She helped me so much! For the first time in my life, a professional actually listened to me and did some appropriate testing!

At the same time, I started becoming more and more interested in nutrition. I eventually found the school that I would attend, and enrolled within a week. Nutrition was the key to my healing!

I am currently rash free, I have amazing energy, my skin and hair are no longer dry, and best of all, I have a digestive system that is working at top peak. I make the choice every day to make healthy food and lifestyle choices so I can live my best, most abundant life, and I am bursting at the seams to share with others how great they can feel too.

Nutrition Philosophy

We are constantly bombarded with different types of diets that claim they are the cure all, best diet for everyone. Paleo, veganism, vegetarianism, gluten free, grain free, no carbs, etc. While I think that many of those diets are great for some people, not one them is good for all of us. Each one of us is biochemically unique and requires a differently nutrition program to live their unique best lives. I focus on individual needs and goals to design a balanced nutrition program unique to them.

The thread that is common among everyone is the need to rid the diet of processed foods, and get back to whole foods. We need to get back to foods that do not require an ingredient list because there is only one including fruits, vegetables, high quality pasture raised meats, legumes, whole grains, nuts/seeds, etc. Like Michael Pollen simply states, “Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not too Much”!!

Our body’s cells are essentially made up of the raw materials from the food we consume, and every minute 200 million cells are renewed and revitalized in your body. That is a total of 300 billion cells per day. It is within your own power to determine the composition of those renewed cells!